Create A Map!

Create A Map is a simple, low prep activity that is popular with most age groups. I use this activity when we have a good amount of time to work on it as students often create very detailed maps. In classes where you are regularily teaching this method of map creation can be extended into other projects.


  • Paper
  • Dice (2 per student)
  • Drawing materials (pencils/eraser)
  • Attached slides or written instructions


  1. Draw the outline of your island on a piece of paper. This could be a simple coastline on one side of the page or a large island. Some students choose to create islands in the shape of creatures (ex: a cat island, a pikachu island)
  2. Roll one die onto your map, where the die lands you draw the prompt for the number you rolled.
  3. Continue to roll one die and draw the prompts.
  4. Students can also create their own legend / prompts for numbers 7-12 and roll two dice to generate their ideas. (They can choose which of the two dice to draw under)

I chose prompts that allow for creativity and interpretation, and leave room for students to do their own plan. The slides below show the prompts in colour, in black and white for printing, as well in French.

Here are the prompts and examples of how they may be interpreted by students:

  1. A Landform: Mountian, cliff, valley, cave….
  2. A source of water: Lake, river, water fall, marsh…
  3. A community: Village, town, city…
  4. A danger: A dragon, a monster, toxic wasteland…
  5. A source of food: Farm, store…
  6. A resource / or a treasure: Forest, gold, wind farm…

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