Common Safety Rules

It is often said by someone I am sure that safety is of the utmost importance. As we sometimes forget even the most common safety rules in our lives I have compiled a list of well tested and useful safety tips and tricks.¹





Many Sudden Deaths Come By Water

There you are! Ready to endeavour to live a safer life.²

  1. All ‘tips and tricks’ are taken from the book Enquire Within Upon Everything and should be regarded with the knowledge that these were written in 1894 and may be subject to have changed in the interim.
  2. Further notes: I have not found an explanation as to the dangers of orange peels but one can assume they hold a similar danger as to banana peels. Do not follow the suggested cure for numbness, it will not work. And finally, Lucifer is the original name for a match.

UPDATE: There is indeed a long and well documented history of orange peels being dangerous to life and limb. For more information look to “The orange peel accounts” 

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